Zoe Duff


Three books released so far

I've revised and reissued my novel A Matter of Perspective in a smaller paperback and included the first chapter of a sequel that I"m working on called A Fly on the Wall. It is also available in ebook format.

I completed a collection of poetry entitled UnTethered that deals with the processing of grief after the passing of my parents less than a year apart.  It is available in softcover and ebook.  I am also going to make that the first book that I record as an audiobook.

I revised my three earlier children's picture books and reissued them as softcover, and kept the pages in the back for the child to draw too.   I did retire the ebook version of those books.  I have pulled all five together into one comic book volume called  The Class Menagerie:  The First Week which is available in softcover only and will likely be the second book that I do as an audiobook.   I've begun the artwork for the next set of books and will release those individually first as well.

My novel Why? remains incomplete, as do several other pieces of work, but I plod along as the muse allows me.  Getting distracted by life and the crazy world.

More episodes of the Don't Say Maybe podcast are coming in the fall, and I will be back on Twitch with my Writer's Open Mic.  My kids and grandkids are teaching me Minecraft so that I may hop on Twitch with some gaming too.   You never know what I'll be up to next.

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